No display within depth_viewer

Running sdk 4.0.6 on ubuntu 22, when I launch the zed depth viewer, nothing is displayed in the windows which should show camera imagery, and the 3d visualisation window just displays an empty wireframe.

The app appears to be running, as I can save images from it, and if I click on a point it will display a distance to point in the lower right, but it is not displaying anything.

The zed explorer runs without issue, so assuming they have the same graphical rendering then my depencies are met…

Any ideas?

Would you happen to have several GPUs on your machine?
Can you try plugging the screens into the other GPU if that’s the case?

Removing my secondary GPU has resolved the issue. Can you advise when it will be patched to work with multi-gpu setups? Running with a single GPU means that I must shut down any model training to use this tool.

We successfully reproduced this and it will be investigated. I don’t have an ETA to give yet, though.

Are you able to correctly run the SDK samples and use the SDK features with multiple GPUs, except for depth viewer?
ZED Explorer pretty much doesn’t use the SDK, so it’s not surprising it does not show this behavior.

I have previously, but it has been several SDK releases since I’ve tried to work with any of the samples