Nerual Depth mode for ZED Mini

We are trying to use a stereo camera to get the depth of transparent objects on tabletop settings. We are interested in the ZED mini camera (with USB connection) which has a small baseline. I am wondering if we can use the neural depth mode from the zed SDK with the ZED mini camera? Thank you!

Hi @AllanZhao
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The NEURAL depth mode is available with all the ZED camera models, so you can use it also with ZED Mini.

Hi @Myzhar ,

Thank you so much for replying! May I ask what are the differences between the ZED Mini and ZED X Mini? I know that these two cameras have similar baseline and depth errors.

Also, In our setting, which one do you recommend given that we will be using the neural depth mode? (use a stereo camera to get the depth of transparent objects on tabletop settings)

Thank you!

Hi @AllanZhao
the ZED X and ZED X Mini are something different from the standard USB3 camera models.

ZED X branch is not using USB3 for communicating with the host device, but the GMSL2 protocol.
GMSL2 has a higher bandwidth and allows the sending of stereo information at higher resolution and higher framerate.
ZED X’s maximum resolution is 1920x1200 at 60 FPS, but you can reach 120 FPS at 960x600. Furthermore, the protocol is more stable and reliable and data runs on a coaxial cable robust to shocks and electrical noises, features very important in robotics, and for drones in particular.
GMSL2 does not emit EMI and does not break the signals of other devices, as it happens for USB3 and GNSS.

ZED Xs have newer CMOS sensors, no longer based on rolling shutter technology, but they are Global Shutter, allowing to retrieve stable and not blurred images even if the camera moves very quickly or vibrates. Finally, the newer CMOS sensors have higher dynamics with respect to the CMOS sensors mounted on the USB3 models, allowing the retrieval of good images also in low light conditions.

ZED X only works with NVIDIA Jetson Orin and Xavier devices, equipped with a GMSL2 capture card.
Read more here.

Regarding the ZED X Mini, the baseline is 50 mm, while the ZED Mini has a baseline of 65 mm, and the case is IP67-rated.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information if you need it.

Thank you so much for replying!