Need help in MR project for flight sim cockpit on Green Screen


After having built an aircraft cockpit, I am trying to improve the feeling with several options.
Lately I got an HMD for VR, the HP Reverb G2, which indeed is a great step forward, but obviously I am missing the real cockpit that lays behind the VR.
So I am trying to expand VR with a device that should add MR features.
To do that, I got a ZEDmini camera and started setting things up.

There are many ways to follow, I already have tried different options, and I now work on Green Screen which I think it would be the most appropriate for my project.
So far, I managed to make Green Screen work and have a first result with the camera.
But I cannot load the flight sim environment on the background.

So how can I get the background showing the flight sim?

I will soon embark on this journey. Please, have you got an answer to your question?

Can someone help with this please?

EDIT: I am aware of Reality Mixer, and have already tried with a high-latency web cameras for a test. It works, but delay from video feed is too high for it to be really usable. It gives clear indication that I need better camera… enter ZED MINI, which I got.