Multiuser ZED SDK installations on Linux

Currently, when installing the ZED SDK on Ubuntu, everything in /usr/local/zed is set to be owned by the currently logged in user, with user-only permissions.

This means the ZED SDK can’t be used by multiple users, since other users don’t have permissions to access e.g. /usr/local/zed/lib.

How can I install the ZED SDK for use by multiple users?

Really, the installer should be either making everything all-user readable/executable, or better yet setting up an actual zed user group.

Hi @JC31
you must install the ZED SDK for each user that needs to use it.

That’s not possible. The ZED SDK installs into /usr/local/zed. If you install it as user A, then reinstall it as user B, the installer will change all the permissions to user B, so user A will lose access to the SDK.

Installing it for each user that needs to use it would only work if the ZED SDK installed into a user-specific path.

OK, I’m sorry, I misunderstood your problem.
Now it’s clear and I agree that it’s a problem.

I reported this to the SDK team and it will be probably changed in future releases.

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Thanks. Fwiw, my vote definitely would go to:

  • Have the ZED SDK create a zed group.
  • Give /usr/local/zed permissions accessible to the zed group.
  • Add the current user to the zed group.

This way, the SDK could be installed system-wide and granting access to other users would simply involve adding them to the zed group.

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This is interesting indeed. Thank you for your suggestion