Multicam with local ip streaming

Hey all, i am using this sample from the github repository to try and run 2 cameras connected to the same PC and send the video feed through a local ip network (they all have set addresses) but i am only getting camera2 streaming failed.

have you assigned a separate port to each stream on both ends?

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haven’t tried that yet, i think socket programming would help with multicamera local streaming

Different ports are indeed mandatory

which ports could be used? i might have to end up using as much as 6 cameras in total and still cant initialize and stream from more than 1

In theory you should be able to use any ports you like, as long as they don’t conflict with other services. Looks like the default port is 3000 according to the docs, so I would set 3000, 3001, 3002 etc myself.

To see which ports are in use by other programs, run sudo lsof -i -P -n

If you cannot get the SL code to work, it may be worth trying to use socat to route usb connections over IP and back to USB

the API reference suggests that the port number must be an even number, so i set port 3000 and 3002, yet even with that i havent been able to open the second camera and it is still stuck on the initialization.

Hi, i was able to solve the issue of opening them and now im streaming, after some time i would encounter segmentation fault error and when opening the streams on the receiver using the ZEDexplorer it would only open for one camera not the other. haven’t been able to open them through a python code as i would hope. (1.5 KB)