Multi ZED M camera recordings

Dear Friends:
I have run the C++ code for sov recordings with two ZED m cameras. When I stop recording, I noticed the number of save frames from the two cameras are different. Why is this happened? The recorded sov started at the same time, why the save frames are different? Also, I am wondering how can I modify the code to make the two cameras have the same resolution and fps?

Hi @hangzeng,

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If you are using the multi-camera recording sample here , the cameras are opened in different threads and are therefore not synchronized, so it could happen that there will not be the exact number of frames in the SVO.

If you want to save a specific amount of frames, you can either update the sample to run the “grab” loop only for N frames, or use the ZED_SVO_Editor tool to cut the SVO to the desired amount of frames afterwards.

To have the multiple cameras open at the same resolution / frame rate, you must set the InitParameters as done here:

The documentation for InitParameters is here: InitParameters Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs

Dear Mattrouss:
Thanks a lot for your reply and the messages. I understand what you mean here. But I am a bit naive to the c++ code. If I am correct, e.g., I want to have the two camers with HD720, fps=30, then I comment line 81-85, and add the initParameters.camera_resolution=HD720, initParameters.camera_fps=30. Does it make any sense?


That is correct.

You can verify that the SVOs are at the right resolution / frame rate by opening them in one of your tools such as ZED_Explorer.