Multi-recording 4 Zed 2i cameras

Hi all.

I need help to set up multiple ZED 2i cameras in a scenario. I have 4 cameras and I want to record all 4 simultaneously but i don’t know what is the best hardware configuration for this. Basically I need to get 4 svo files recorded for a scene with enough quality (30 or 60 fps) - no need

Can i do this with only a PC? I need extra hardware like a zed box?

I did some tests and I only managed to record two of them. Anyone did some test with a similar configuration?

Thanks. Best

Hi @benferpo
you can perform this type of task on a single desktop PC, but you must be sure that:

  • every camera is connected to a single USB3 channel. If the USB ports share USB channels, then you must add an expansion board
  • the GPU card has enough VRAM memory, a minimum of 6 GB for 4 cameras is recommended
  • the write speed of the storage disk is good enough, a fast SSD disk is recommended
  • no other high load demanding task is performed

Thanks Myzhar for the quick response.

My problem is that I have a laptop and in that case the USB ports are sharing the internal USB bus. Let’s see if I can find a solution to extend the capacity of USB channel