Multi (four) zed2i interfacing with orin agx

Hi All,

I looking for some help resolving one of my latest issues faced with my ZED cameras. For the past month or so, I have been developing a system that utilizes four ZED2i’s at the same time via 1 USB3.2 Gen 2 usb port along with the official usb-c power supply. For the most part it has been working great and the system was working as desired. Recently I tried to move the system into the overall system the zeds are expected to be in with a different 12V supply and all of a sudden, I can only bring up 2 ZEDs at any given time no matter what I try to do. Each camera is capable of starting up on it own and works fine, but not more than two at once. I was expecting bandwidth issues to be the cause, but when I inspect the dmesg log there is no warning there and all four usbs get registered.

Any idea what might have happened? I’ve been trying to investigate for a couple days now, but not much progress. Here is the output from the diagnostics tool ZED_Diagnostic_Results.json (9.9 KB)
Any advice or assisstance on this issue is greatly appreciated!

Hi @woudie-swap
can you provide a diagram of the connection of the 4 cameras?
It is really important that you do not connect more than 2 cameras on the same USB3 channel to exclude bandwidth issues.

Hi @Myzhar
Thanks for helping! I can provide when later when I get into the office again, but to give you an idea: its four zed2i’s plugged into a single usb3.0 hub which is plugged into usb type-A port 1 (its a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port) on the Nvidia Jetson Orin AGX.

I have been running this same setup for over a month and have never experienced this issue. Any idea as to why it might be showing up now? The kernel logs never indicates low bandwidth when I try using all four recently, I simply get a “failed to start camera stream” continuously.

I can also provide usb tree info later as that is how I have been checking which bus the zeds get loaded onto and what the rating of each bus is. Something that may be of note though is that (I think) the ZEDs were all getting loaded onto bus 1 before and now they are exclusively loading onto bus 2, nothing was modified when this happened though.