Multi-Camera Object Detection sample not working ZED SDK 4.1

The fusion in the new ZED SDK 4.1 seems to be missing all the fused Object Detection.

I install the latest version of the ZED SDK 4.1

I started to build the Multi-Camera Object Detection sample and I Get Errors:

class “sl::Fusion” has no member “enableObjectDetection”.

class "sl::Fusion: has no member “retrieveObjects”.

I did find Class ObjectDetectionFusionParameters .

I went into the fusion Header file in the ZED SDK 4.1 and Looked for them to see maybe I was pathing anything wrong but there is no methods that match these or anything on enabling multi cam object detection.

Please let me know if I need to grab another update for the ZED SDK


Hi @Analogueartists

Sorry, this sample was pushed by mistake, it’s not ready yet :bow:
Spoiler Alert: We’re working on Object Detection Fusion, and it should be available in the next release :slight_smile: