More information about int id and String unique_object_id in Camera.hpp


I would like to find out more about the use of the two variables int id and string unique_object_id in Camera.hpp. As far as I understand, both variables can be used for tracking detections, whereby int id is described as being able to be used for tracking objects and unique_object_id for AI detections. What exactly is meant here by AI detections? For int id I would also like to know whether a separate ID is automatically assigned for each object (e.g. Person1 = id1, Person2 = id2 if 2 people are recognized simultaneously in a frame) or whether the ID only refers to the objects in a general sense e.g. Person = id1, Vehicle = id2 etc.

Thx in advance


The unique_object_id is used to track objects when using the Custom detector.

If you are using the multi class or Human body models, use the id field instead.
The id field is associated to one detection. If there are two objects in the scene, they will have a different id. The id can be used to track an object over time. Of course, if the object is lost and re detected again, a new ID will be associated to the object.

Benjamin Vallon