More FPS when enable_tracking=true

Hi, I noticed that FPS are better (+5/6fps) when enable_tracking=true in sample code of custom_detector with my ZED2.

Hi @br0tda
this is curious. Can you provide more information?

I used the yolov5 custom detector example provided and, as you know, at the beggining there’s a configuration of ObjectDetectionParameters as you can see in the picture

When detection_parameters.enable_tracking = false the code runs at about 17 fps.

The same code, with detection_parameters.enable_tracking = true runs at about 21 fps.

It’s like some optimization done with enable_tracking=true were not done with enable_tracking=false.

I found this because as you can see from the other topic of mine, ingestCustomBoxObjects() falsify detection when tracking is enabled, I played a lot with these configurations and when I switched from true/false fps goes down.

Thank you for the info. We are investigating this curious behavior.

News? With the new SDK the delta seems to be bigger than before, about 10 fps