Module '' has no attribute 'Camera'

Hello, I am facing the error below that has no attribute “Camera”. I will appreciate any help please.

module ‘’ has no attribute ‘Camera’

Hello @Disho,

Please share some information about your environment:

  • Python version?
  • SDK version?
  • Are you using a virtual environment? (I see anaconda, is that right?)
  • Operating system?

About the possible leads:

  • Please try running the script from your virtual environment, with admin privileges.
  • You can refer to this topic from @Adrien for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to proceed.

Hi @JPlou
Thank you for responding.

Here is the information you have requested
I am using python version 3.11.5
ZED SDK Version 4.0
Yes I am using a virtual environment where I have installed the ZED SDK 4.0
I am using windows 10 pro

I have the Zed SDK in my virtual environment


Sorry for the delay!

I think the issue lies with the SDK installation, this could come from the lack of NVidia GPU or a faulty CUDA installation.

The ZED Diagnostic tool should warn you of such issues.