Module '' has no attribute 'BODY_FORMAT'

I want to use zed2 to get 3d human skeleton,i get the file from github zed-sdk-master\zed-sdk-master\body tracking\body tracking\python

The version of the software I use is as follows:python3.6,cython 0.29.35,numpy1.19.5,pyzed 3.5,pyopengl 3.1.5,pyopengl-accelerate 3.1.5

When use it,I meet a probelem: def init(self, _body_format = sl.BODY_FORMAT.BODY_18):
AttributeError: module ‘’ has no attribute ‘BODY_FORMAT’

Can you help me?

hello,i get zed4.0,and this problem can be solved.But,when i use the file(D:\Pytorch_Learning\zed-sdk-master\zed-sdk-master\recording\playback\python),there is a probelm: AttributeError: ‘’ object has no attribute ‘calibration_parameters_raw’

hello this part some functions are not exit,do you know why?


It seems you use an old version of the ZED SDK (3.5) with a more recent sample. You should update your SDK.

Thank you,i solve this problem by using zed sdk4.0.

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