Modify confidence confidence_threshold and texture_confidence_threshold

when I modify the parameters by code the result does not change as on the software one has a result of contour!

Hi @Sabrina
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Can you post the source code you used?

Thank you for your reply.

In my code i introduce by this two function :
def set_runtimeParameters(self,sensing_mode=sl.SENSING_MODE.STANDARD):

    self.runtime_params = sl.RuntimeParameters()
    self.runtime_params.sensing_mode = sensing_mode

def set_confidence_params(self,confidence_threshold = 100, textureness_confidence_threshold=81):
self.runtime_params.confidence_threshold = confidence_threshold
self.runtime_params.textureness_confidence_threshold = textureness_confidence_threshold
and the result :

This is what i got with the softwore of DepthViewer

Can you please write an email to sharing the SVO file that you are using so we can test it?