Mobile ZED Mini Use

Can anyone recommend mobile hardware that will both support the ZED Mini (with Nvidia/CUDA) but which also can be battery powered?
Seems to be me that there are very few options. CUDA/NVidia support seems to be very power hungry, with even top-level laptops (like Dell Alienwares) heavily throttling the ZED Mini performance when running from the battery.
I like the look of the ZBOX, but we can’t deploy Unity applications to this platform due to lack of support in Unity for this OS/processor combination.

Any suggestions? Thanks for any pointers in advance.



Usually the laptop is using the power saving mode when it runs on battery, which may impact the performance of the ZED SDK.

Another solution would be to use a ZED Box to stream the image to another computer that will run the Unity app. This feature is available directly in the ZED SDK.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Seems most modern NVidia-capable laptops operate with a power consumption beyond what the internal battery can normally supply given the choice. For our Unity based ZED Mini app we get a reduction of what appears to be a frame rate of 60ish to about 10 on my Alienware when removing the power (even with playing with the power plan settings).
An intermediate ZBOX solution probably isn’t practicable on the basis of size and system complication. Also, then you would have to power both the laptop AND the ZBOX!


Did you try to change the “power mode” of the laptop? I think it might be in saving mode by default.

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Hi. I’ve played with the Windows Power Plans. This doesn’t seem to make much difference. Had a look in the BIOS as well but couldn’t find anything in there that was relevant.

if by ‘power mode’ you mean something different, please let me know.