Memory Leak Issue when recording SVO files


I am experiencing a persistent issue with RAM usage when recording videos using tutorial and personalized code. Specifically, my system’s RAM fills up indefinitely until it crashes. This happens whenever I record for long durations, which get worse with LOSSLESS compression mode.

Here are the details of my setup and the steps I’ve taken so far:

Hardware: Jetson Orin Nano and ZED Box Orin NX with 8GB of RAM.
Cameras: ZED X and ZED X Mini.
Software: I have tested both the sample code ‘’ provided in the Stereolabs examples repository and my own custom code. In both cases, RAM usage increases until the system crashes . Additionally, using the ZED_Explorer tool with lossless compression results in the same RAM saturation issue.
Issue: I cannot record a video longer than 3 minutes without the program crashing due to RAM saturation.

Given that I need to eventually record videos with lossless compression for long durations, this RAM issue is a critical blocker. I would appreciate any guidance on how to manage or clear RAM usage during video recording to prevent these crashes. Is there a known solution or best practice for handling memory management in this scenario?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @JB_C,

Thank you for reporting this. We’ve reproduced the issue on our end, and as this is quite critical, a fix will be available in the next ZED SDK patch.

In the meantime as a workaround, you can still record using the lossless compression mode by switching the SVO recording mode to version 1 by running:


You should not have any memory issues with this.