Mean Camera Fused is "0"

I am attempting to build a camera, subscribe a fusion module to it and integrate GNSS data (synced via timestamp).
GNSS calibration never converges, and when i call fusion.get_process_metrics()

I get “mean_camera_fused:0”

Fusion Settings:
verbose: True
timeout_period: 5
target_yaw_uncertainty: 0.1
enable_translation_uncertainty_target: True
target_translation_uncertainty: 0.1
enable_reinitialization: True
gnss_vio_reinit_threshold: 5
enable_rolling_calibration: True
enable_GNSS_fusion: True

Hi @fdunbar,

Could you share more information on your setup such as your camera, SDK version, and GNSS module you are using?

“mean_camera_fused: 0” would suggest that the fusion module is not receiving any data from your camera.

Could you please send some code to reproduce? In this sample, the Camera::grab method which is called in the processing loop sends data to fusion.