Looping svo playback and obj tracking state

i´m playing back a looped region of an svo file and have the experience that tracked objects are not always sending the TERMINATE state in the end. is this possible or am i wrong? i assumed that although there might be jittery times of OK and SEARCHING there is always a TERMINATE in the end.
can i relay on this, is that true?

there might be situation in which the video is looped and while jumping to another frame the objects gets “lost” here it should change to the state TERMINATE right?


Hey @D300,

There should indeed be a TERMINATE state.
That being said, I can reproduce the issue when it doesn’t always happen. We’ll investigate this and I’ll get back to you.

I have 2 questions for you though:

  • do you still get TERMINATE sometimes?
  • can you reproduce it with a live feed too?

the moment when TERMINATE is missing is the “end of the loop transition”.
for me the simulation setup was essential to run in a loop, while tuning filters etc. .

i then made a HACK_TERMINATE STATE, which switched on when the object data did not change anymore.


Noted! Thank you for the report.
I’ll add it to our internal issue tracker and we’ll fix this for a further release.

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