Loop closure using the ZEDfu


we are using the Zed 2i for 3D reconstruction in outdoor environments. When we load the SVO File into the ZEDfu tool, it initially produces a promising first reconstruction. However, the issue appears when there is a viewpoint overlap with a previously mapped area, and it gets even worse when we have loop closure. The tool automatically interprets this as a floor below the previously observed one, resulting in a mesh similar to what you can observe in the attached image. In the image, the upper and lower parts are supposed to be on the same level, but in this case, it appears as if there’s a difference of several floors. Does anyone have a solution for this? :slightly_smiling_face:


For how long did you run the mapping? It seems you ran into tracking drifts. Can you send a SVO that reproduce this ?

you can try the offline process (only with SVO), this will first try to compute all the loop closure and then it will create the map according to the tracking result.

@alassagne, we did not record this with the mapping. We did it like @SL-PY mentions, we had a recorded SVO file and loaded it into ZEDfu and got that reconstruction.
Regarding the sharing of the SVO file, could you give me an email address to share it with? Since I can’t publicly share them:slight_smile: