LOCAL streaming, multiple cameras

I have a setup comprising three Jetson Orin AGX devices interconnected via a switch. The first two devices each host two ZED 2i cameras. My objective is to stream footage from all four cameras to the third Jetson device while consolidating the streams into a single display window. To ensure robustness against potential camera failures, I intend to implement this solution in Python utilizing multiprocessing. However, as I’m relatively new to this domain and lack comprehensive expertise, I seek guidance in refining the implementation.

I got this as output :
Failed to open camera 0
Failed to open camera 2
Failed to open camera 1
Failed to open camera 3

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you should start with one camera, and, when it works, add one, two, three. It will be easier to isolate your problem.

Thank you.
I attempted to address the issue using a single camera, only to encounter consistent difficulties. However, upon running the code without multiprocessing, all camera streams converged into a singular window

Python multiprocessing module seems not to be compatible with ZED X, unfortunately. This is something that we are investigating.

I’m using zed 2i, also it’s not compatible ?!
when I check before, I found this post which indicates there’s no problem with multiprocessing

Kindly assist me

I’m using zed 2i, also it’s not compatible ?!

[Discourse post]

Is there any recommendation to ensure the streaming continues if one of the cameras malfunctions?

If I’m using multithreading as the code which’s included in Stereo labs’ GitHub, how can ensure the streaming continues if one of the cameras malfunctions?


Can you point me to the code that you are using on our Github? I don’t know about a sample using multiprocessing.
You have several option to do what you want.

  • Use python threading instead of multiprocessing
  • Use several programs
  • Use C++
  • Use ZED Explorer

I extend my apologies for any inconvenience caused. My inquiry pertains to the utilization of the code available at the following link: https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-multi-camera/blob/master/python/multi_camera.py.

  • This code utilizes multithreading rather than multiprocessing. In light of this, I am seeking guidance on ensuring uninterrupted streaming in the event of a malfunction occurring with one of the cameras.

*also I want to check if you are ensure that zed 2i not support multiprocessing module ?

*the last thing : If I use c++, what will different from python in my case ?

I’m not sure about multiprocessing with ZED 2i.
About C++, the threads management is just so much better than with python, everything will be more simple and with a better performance.

thanks a lot, I will try and tell you what will happen