Load and display existing mesh into spatial mapping code

Hello! I’m using the spatial mapping code provided in the ZED SDK examples on GitHub. As you know, that code does live spatial mapping and generates the map (mesh/fused point cloud) live and displays in onto the OpenGL window.

What I want to achieve is that instead of generating the map live, I would like to load an existing saved map (.obj file) and display it the same way as the live map is displayed. So basically I don’t want to generate the map when I run the code, I just want to display an existing map the same way as it happens on Zed FU tool. I am aware that there’s sl.Mesh.load() or sl.FusedPointCloud.load() functions in the sdk to load a .obj file and I have been able to load the .obj files successfully into my code using those. But I am not sure what to do further after loading it.

What changes to the spatial mapping code would be needed? Or what approach should I take? I really need help with this and would appreciate any guidance! Looking forward to your response. Thankyou so much!!

Hi @chhaviGupta986
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The spatial mapping examples on GitHub provides you with the code to render a mesh in an OpenGL view: