Linux python sample ZED Box


I have a ZED Box Orin NX with a ZED Mini.
I can run some sample scripts like the object_detection_image_viewer just fine but others won’t run.
For instance, when trying to run the body tracking or birds eye sample, nothing happens.
No window opens and nothing happens.

I can see the text saying that it started with the default resolution but nothing else.
I have installed all the required modules…

Am i missing something?


Hi @Aleblanc,

Can you run the ZED_Diagnostic tool and send the resulting file? This will help troubleshoot if anything is wrong with your installation.

Are you using the python or C++ samples to experience such behavior?


I got it to work but rebooting the PC. Sometimes, some tasks are still running in the background and I have to kill all of them. I also have to reset Daemon every once in a while but other than that it works.

Glad to hear that fixed it!