dependency for on Jetson

We plan to use the ZED 2i Camera on a headless (no keyboard/monitor) Jetson Xavier NX platform. The Jetson version of the the SDK v3.8.2 requires while the x86 version does not. The dependency requires us to install additional software in our Jetson image which makes the image size large. We are interested in retrieving images from the camera as well as using the Object Detection features in the SDK, but we have no need to render anything on the Jetson. Is there a reason the SDK needs libx11 on Jetson? If so, in a future SDK could the parts of the SDK requiring libx11 be split into a separate library?

Hi @gp1234
the library is required by the SDK for internal processing, it’s not used for rendering.

The SDK Team is testing the possibility to remove it in the next ZED SDK v4 patch release.