Left or both camera images black or camera not opening

We have an issue with one of our ZED 2 cameras. The camera sometimes shows only the right image and the left image is black. This happens in both Zed Explorer and our own software. We tried unplugging and replugging the camera, but it did not always work. Sometimes unplugging would result the camera not opening at all, or both images would be black. The issue seems to be random and unpredictable. It can take several attempts to unplug, replug and restart the system to make the issue disappear. The SDK does not return any error codes in our software.

We are using ZED SDK version 4.0.7 on Windows 10. We have disabled power saving from device manager, but it did not solve the problem. USB selective suspend is also disabled from power settings. It appears to be a hardware problem, but our software does open the ZED 2 camera automatically on system startup, if that matters.

Today, different ZED2 camera on different system failed to open at all on Zed Explorer. However, this time restarting the application resolved the issue. Could this be an issue with the SDK version 4.0.x? The issue only started appearing recently.

Hi @cse-js
please connect the camera with problems to the host, run the ZED Diagnostic tool, and send the report file that it generates to support@stereolabs.com
Please also add more details if you can.