Left camera not working

Hi, one of our cameras deployed at the customer site seems having an issue with the left camera. The software is working fine, it can detect and open the camera without issue. However, the left image does not capture any real data. I tried to use the SDK installed on both the host and in the docker container and also used OpenCV to read from the camera directly, all gave similar results.

The system is zed 2i, SDK 3.8.2, jetson xavier nx, a 10m type-C cable bought from your store.

The issue started yesterday after a few hours of properly running. After that, we asked our customer to reconnect the USB thinking it might get loose. But today, after a few hours of working, it became like this again. The below images were captured yesterday and today, and the right camera is still working fine.

After a couple of hours, I noticed the issue was gone. There was an error from either opening the camera or grabbing frames, ERROR: LOW USB BANDWIDTH. This should be the cable’s problem? Strange that this error doesn’t occur all the time, this is only one record I found that prints out this error. We bought the 10m cable from the store and plugged it into our jetson Xaiver nx directly. Does this mean the cable is problematic? We used it for one month, connecting 24/7 and nobody touched it, the issue started just one day ago.

Hi @originlake
please write an email to support@stereolabs.com to be in contact with the support team, analyze the problem, and eventually replace the camera.

Thanks for the response. We just asked our customer to ship back the camera. Will contact the support team after receiving it.