Latency measurement of the ZED Mini Camera

Hi all,
We wrote a research paper that includes a system that has ZED Mini, we need to report the latency of the ZED mini camera.
There is a latency measurement reported in here:

However, we need to report the method of producing these results (a latency of 60 ms for ZED Mini, 200 ms for SRWorks).

We would appreciate your help as our paper is stuck :frowning: :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

The most effective way to measure the latency of a ZED camera is by measuring the delay between the time when the camera captures an image and the time when that image appears on the screen.

How can you do that?

  1. search for a stopwatch application and start it
  2. start ZED Explorer
  3. point the camera to the screen such that ZED Explorer shows the stopwatch running
  4. take a few screenshots
  5. the time difference that you see in the screenshots between the stopwatch application and the ZED Explorer window is the real latency

Please note that latency depends on the framerate selected, you can expect 3-4 frames of latency as an average, this means that you can expect

  • ~30 to ~40 msec of latency at 100 FPS
  • ~130 to ~200 msec of latency at 15 FPS

This screenshot shows a latency of 50 msec, that is 3 frames at 60 FPS: