Latency difference between ZED Mini and ZED X Mini

Hi I’m building a robot that is controlled by a remote operator using a VR headset. I’m trying to reduce video latency as much as possible. I’m not interested in passing any depth points or any other non visual data to the operator

  1. To achieve the least latency possible to a remote operator (while retaining useable resolution), what setup would you recommend?
    A. ZED Mini (56ms minimum latency using Jetson Xavier - source)
    B. ZED X Mini (are there any comparable real world latency tests with this?)
    C. Some other setup

Hi @dirtbike28, welcome to the forums!

We don’t have these specific data right now, we’ll do the measurements and get back to you.
Thanks for the report, this latency data would indeed be very interesting.

Hi @JPlou curious if you were able to take those measurements?

Hi @dirtbike28,

Not yet, it’s in the short-term schedule though, sorry for that.
I’ll keep you updated as soon as it’s done.