Large jump in SVO file size since recent updates

I’ve noticed across my fleet of remote cameras running Jetson NX with ZED2’s that the file size of my hourly 10sec SVO recording has roughly doubled recently.
For one of my devices I’m able to trace the jump back to a day recently where I visited the the site to replace the ~12 month old hardware for a newer device with identical hardware, but with some updated software.

The older device was running JP4.5.1 and ZED v3.5.4, and was capturing ~15MB SVOs of 10sec @30fps 1080p.
The newer device is running JP4.6.0 and ZED v3.7.2, and is capturing ~28MB files despite running the same camera settings.

What could be causing this? Our use case is extremely sensitive to file size, so we’d like to do everything possible to reduce them. In some cases our cameras are in such low bandwidth that they spend 30 minutes or more trying to upload each video, and we’re not able to update them to the latest SDK since this increased file size would completely bog down that upload bandwidth.

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We have updated recently the default bitrate of the SVO encoding. It might be the reason.
Note that if you are space-sensitive, I recommend to use the bitrate setting in the RecordingParameters so that you control the final size of the SVO file.

Reference : RecordingParameters Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs