Keep track of all detected objects in body_tracking sample, or being able to append new objects to "bodies.object_list"

I am trying to keep track of all nose key points of the closest person to the camera and show the results using cv2.imshow.
Something like this:

I came up with below code to save previous objects in a copy of “bodies.object_list” which I called “Tbodies”. Then append each new detected one to it with a new id (as an example I just used a counter). But the problem is that I cannot find any method to append an element to “sl.Objects()”. As you see the body lists is an instance of sl.Objects().
I will appreciate any help.

  def detect(self):
        # Create OpenGL viewer
        viewer = gl.GLViewer()
        viewer.init(self.camera_info.calibration_parameters.left_cam, self.obj_param.enable_tracking,self.obj_param.body_format)

        # Create ZED objects filled in the main loop
        bodies = sl.Objects()
        Tbodies = bodies
        image = sl.Mat()
        obj_id_counter = 1000
        while viewer.is_available():
            # Grab an image
            if self.zed.grab() == sl.ERROR_CODE.SUCCESS:
                    # Retrieve left image
                    self.zed.retrieve_image(image, sl.VIEW.LEFT, sl.MEM.CPU, self.display_resolution)
                    # Retrieve objects
                    self.zed.retrieve_objects(bodies, self.obj_runtime_param)
                    # Find closest body and send it to the robot
                    nose = self.__find_close_body_nose(bodies)
                    # Update GL view
                    viewer.update_view(image, bodies) 
                    # Update OCV view
                    image_left_ocv = image.get_data()
                    for obj in bodies.object_list:
                        temp_obj = obj
               = obj_id_counter
                        # To do

                cv_viewer.render_2D(image_left_ocv,self.image_scale,bodies.object_list, self.obj_param.enable_tracking, self.obj_param.body_format)
                cv2.imshow("ZED | 2D View", image_left_ocv)


Hello and thank you for reaching out to us,

object_list is actually an array of ObjectData. You should be able to use append to append other objects to it.

However, in my opinion it will be cleaner to put the skeletons that you want to store in another list.