Jetson xavier j

Hi there,

Followed your advice to update jetpack :
"In order to update the Jetson jetpack version, you can follow this script (On device jetpack upgrade for jetson (from L4T 32.6 → 32.7) · GitHub "

after upgrade GPU is not detected, on SDK install I get Error: Unknown GPU Type!
and if runnign any ZED sample apps I get “No NVIDIA graphics card detected. Install an NVIDIA GPU, CUDA and restart your computer after completing installation.”

How to resolve this?



This script should in theory work, but it tends to have mixed results, unfortunately. Here are a few pointers to try to fix this:

  1. Force upgrade:
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo reboot
  1. If that doesn’t work, reinstalling the nvidia package
sudo apt remove nvidia-jetpack ; sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack
sudo reboot

If that doesn’t work I would reflash the jetson

No success unfortunately.
Can you advice what verison to target for Xavier box with SDKmanager, so it’s near future proof and will be compatible with your upcomning SDK 4 release?