Jetson support for the unreal zed plugin


Is there any plan to support more recent versions of unreal engine that can build for aarch64 and be deployed on the Jetson? Most recent version of the engine I could find is 4.21 that doesn’t support aarch64 as far as I know.

If not, what is the recommended way to build MR multimedia application using the zed mini on Jetson?


We are currently working on a new UE plugin which does not require any modification of the engine (for UE5).
The first version should be available with the release of the ZED SDK 3.8 (planned for next month).

Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

Understood! Thanks for the heads-up

Hi Benjamin,

Do you have an ETA for ZED SDK 3.8?

Hi Benjamin,

Should we consider that the development of the new unreal5 ZED plugin has been given up?