Jetson Orin RTSP Server not showing

Hey there, my use case is one where I am trying to do object detection and then stream the output to rtsp to be viewed on other PC’s. From what I have gathered I can’t use built in SDK streaming as it requires the clients to have nvidia? I am then trying to use ZED RTSP Server gstreamer to setup an RTSP stream on the Orin Jetxon Dev board but can’t seem to connect to the stream.

I tried using the docker stereolabs/zed:3.8-tools-devel-l4t-r35.1 as well as normal and it start the server using:
gst-zed-rtsp-launch zedsrc ! videoconvert ! ‘video/x-raw, format=(string)I420’ ! x264enc ! rtph264pay pt=96 name=pay0


  • Stream ready at rtsp://

But if i try the client command or VLC it errors and just says cannot read from resource.

Anything I should do different?

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I’m using a jetson xavier and I can’t see the rtsp stream from another computer from VLC either (it has amd graphics and I can’t use the zed sdk tool).