Jetson Orin L4T version not having ZED SDK compatible


I have a bunch of nVidia Jetson Orins. Some has L4T 34.1 and some L4T 34.0.
For 34.1, there is only a beta version of ZED SDK 3.7.6, which is not recommended for production.
1- Is there another version of ZED SDK for my 34.1 L4T to be used?

Another Orin has 34.0, which has no ZED SDK to match.
2- Which version of ZED SDK to be used on 34.0?

Using ZED SDK 3.7.6 on L4T 34.0 gives a warning:
Detected Tegra_L4T34.0, required exact Tegra_L4T34.1

3- Not related to stereolabs, but do you know how to upgrade L4T to a major version?
In nVidia’s documentations there is only minor upgrades instructions.

Hi @hamid ,
I suggest you update the Jetson Orin to the latest L4T version and use the compatible ZED SDK version for it.

In order to upgrade the Jetson you can use the NVIDIA SDK Manager:


I used headless flashin and Jetpack 5.1.1 to setup Orin. Now on L4T35 I could install ZED SDK 4.
This solves my problem.

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