Jetson AGX Xavier SDK installation trouble

I was installing ZED SDK on Nvidia AGX Xavier running JetPack 5.1.1 which the ZED SDK Webpage has a download link for… After running the .run file, the terminal asked for a series of promts where I gave “y” to all and proceeded with the default settings. Almost at the end of the install I’m seeing - “ERROR: pyzed 4.0 has requirement cython==0.29.36, but you’ll have cython 3.0.2 which is incompatible.”

And then the following promts are encountered - “Do you want to run the ZED Diagnostic to download all AI models [Y/n] ?” Which I gave “n” completed the installation.

Now the problem, I’m unable to run any samples that were installed during the installation steps. I also wanted to install ZED with GStreamer, tried the steps that were mentioned in the GitHub page. And after typing - “gst-inspect-1.0 zedsrc”, the output says no such element.

Can someone please help with proper installation of ZED SDK on Jetson AGX Xavier board?


It seems you had an issue with the python module installation. This is only a Python issue and the rest of the SDK should work. Did oyu try the tools ? the C++ samples ? Can you run ZED Diagnostics and send me the output file ?

Yeah, I was able to compile the sample programs and run them. Thanks for the quick response. It was an USB port issue, apparently the Nvidia AGX Xavier board recognize the ZED Camera only when connected to a certain the USB ports, although the AGX Xavier has 3.0-USBx2. Do you have any idea why am I encountering such behaviour?

If at all possible, can you look into the issue and let me know if I can do something to fix the issue? If necessary I can share you the logs from “dmesg” to your reference.

I’m using ZED 2 for my development works.

That depends entirely on the carrier board that you are using - probably its USB ports are not the same. Who provided the board ?

We got it from Digikey. Also, just to clarify things, both the USB ports are working fine with other USB devices like the keyboard, mouse, USB cameras… But for ZED camera, only one USB port is recognizing the device and the other USB port is not. So, I suspect that it might not be a carrier board issue. Hence, decided to the ask you guys regarding this kind of behaviour.

Can you send us the output file of ZED Diagnostics with both usb port ?

I was unable to upload the attachment to this thread, but please use the G-Drive link that I have attached to download the file.

Please share me your email ID in case you are not able to open the link.

It’s seems your non-working port is only USB2. I suspect your other devices have a USB2 fallback. The ZED does not, both USB2 and USB3 are mandatory on the port you use.

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Thanks for the update. But I physically checked the port and it has 9 PINs. So, I take it, it’s USB3 capable. Are you awake of any methods to verify the port’s actual capability? Cause the data sheet specifies that the port is USB3 capable.

If you plug a USB3 device into the port, then run lsusb, you can determine what speed the port is by matching the device to the bus on which it is connected. Device 001 on each bus will be the “hub” aka, the controller for all devices of that speed.

These two screenshots show what occurs when I plug a USB3 thumb drive into a usb 3 port and a usb 2 port. Note that when connected to the USB 2 port, it shows as a device on bus 001, and therefore USB 2 only.

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I check the Port capability using the method you suggests, it seems the port is really just a USB2 port event though it has 9 PINs. Maybe there might be some way to enable this port from USB2 to USB3. I’ll check for the possibility. Thank for the quick reply. It helped me save a great deal of time.

You’re welcome ! And thank you @multicore-manticore :smiley:

I am having this same issue, and unfortunately I need the Python API. Is there a known solution?

For anyone who is having Cython issues, Cython is currently at 3.0 while Zed requires 0.29. To remedy this, you need to uninstall cython and delete any pip caches, and then modify the script to specify cython==0.29.36 at the pip install line. You can then build the python API successfully.