I've installed my ZED2 camera but the quality i'm picking up in unity, through the camera is bad - fix please?


I’m trying to render good image quality on the camera.
Camera is plugged in, it’s working.
I stand infront of the camera and I can see myself.

The video image that I can see, it’s all staggery, like those big box tv’s.
How do i increase the quality of the video image?

Please help.

Hi @Rachael,

You can change the resolution and framerate of the camera in the ZEDManager component.

If that doesn’t fix the issue or you get bandwidth errors, please try other USB ports. You need to plug the camera into a USB 3 port, ideally directly into the motherboard (not on the front panel of the PC for example).

You can check in the ZED Explorer tool if you have a good image before using Unity.

I’ve tried the above settings already.
My current testing laptop doesn’t support USB3 but the pc, that will be operational does.
I’m testing this next week.

I’ll reach out again, if none of the above works.
Thanks again.

You will also need a good cable. If you still have it, test first with the cable that came with the camera while using a proper USB port.