Issues with custom Avatars in Unity


I’m having some issues with using custom avatars in the example scene “Body Tracking Multi”. When I use an avatar that I bought on the unity asset store, the joint rotations seems to be off. I’ve tried a few different characters and get this issue on a few of them.
Here’s a video of what the issue looks like: Zed_issue.mp4 - Google Drive
I have done all the steps that are outlined in the documentation. I’m guessing someone knows what happens here?

(ignore the missing shaders in the video)

The character is properly set up in the Avatar Configuration view in Unity. Here’s a picture of that: Skärmbild 2024-04-04 180249.png - Google Drive
Normal character animations work fine.

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Hannes Paulsson

Forgot to mention, I’m using Unity 2022.3.12, and Zed_Unity_Plugin_v4.0.7

Forgot to mention, I’m using Unity 2022.3.12, and Zed_Unity_Plugin_v4.0.7

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Hey @Happe, welcome to the forums!

  • Can you share an avatar I could reproduce the issue with? (ideally a free one :sweat_smile: )

Our theory is that as long as it fits the “Humanoid” pipeline of Unity, it should work correctly, but maybe some adjustments need to be made and we have to update the doc.

Absolutely, it happens with both these characters Character Customizer | Game Toolkits | Unity Asset Store and these ones. Casual Wear Girls Pack 3 - Streetwear Modern Realistic Stylized Woman Character | Characters | Unity Asset Store

Since those are by two different creators, but the same thing happens on all those characters, hopefully it’s something easy to find.

Unfortunately those aren’t free assets, but let me try some more and I’ll se if I can find a free one that does the same.

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@JPlou I found a free asset where the same happens: Adventure Character | Characters | Unity Asset Store

I however had to add the neck bone manually in the avatar setup since that for some reason was missing. But there is a bone for the neck so if you just add that in the settings the avatar works with the zed setup.

All I did to this avatar was take one of the prefabs, add the Skeleton Handler script, set the animator controller to the EmptyIKAnimatorController and added it to the Avatar section of Zed Body Tracking Manager in the test scene, nothing else.


Thanks, I will take a look as soon as possible.

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I’m sorry to rush you, but have you had time to look at this? We are closing in on a deadline and I need to make a decision if we can use the Zed camera at all or if we need to find another solution.

Sorry for not getting back sooner.

I tried a few things, and I could not find a quick fix. I suspected the bones’ orientations, but our sample avatars do not share a common avatar rigging, and they do work with the SDK animations. It could still be a lead, as the rigging of the character you sent is different from ours.

One short-term option could be to look into animation retargeting.

I think the issue is linked to how we handle the animation in the backend, not to a Unity configuration issue. That will necessitate more investigation on our side, sorry.
I will log it for further investigation. Thank you for the report.

@JPlou Oh ok, that’s very unfortunate. Strange that no one else has had this issue, since it seems to happen with quite a few of the avatars in the asset store?

Could it possibly work if I downgrade the sdk version to an earlier version, for example Release ZED Plugin for Unity for v4.0.0 · stereolabs/zed-unity · GitHub?

I will try the animation retargeting.


I do agree that it’s weird. Please get back to us with your results with retargeting, if it can be a solution that would be great.

I can’t recommend downgrading the plugin or the SDK, as the work involved to make it run at all would not be negligible.