Issue with ZED SDK Recording on Ubuntu 20.04: Small File Size and Playback Errors


I am using the ZED SDK on Ubuntu 20.04, but I am experiencing issues with recording. Although files are created, their sizes are very small.

This issue occurs with the provided recording Python script. When I try to read these files using the playback script, an error occurs.

However, recording works correctly with ZED_Explorer.

For reference, all diagnostic programs have passed, and there are no issues with other programs.

Additionally, the following error occurs when running the recording script:

[ZED][SLHW] Failed to create encoder. Err : NvEncoderCuda : Encoder Initialization failed at /builds/sl/ZEDKit/lib/src/sl_input/NVCompression/NvCodec/NvEncoder/NvEncoderCuda.cpp:36

When I try to set ZED_SDK_SVO_VERSION=1, the recording does not occur at all.

Thanks in advance

Hi @seungjuchoi
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

What is the host device that you are using?
Is it a PC or an NVIDIA Jetson?
GPU card model?

It was Notebook with Nvidia Graphic card mx570
By the way, This issue has been resolved. There was no problem when I installed it on a server with a GPU that has nvenc.

Is nvenc an essential element when recording?

Unfortunately you cannot use H264 and H265 compression with NVIDIA GeForce MX570. It does not has hardware encoders.