Issue with Person ID Swapping in ZED2 Camera SDk Two

Recently, we have observed instances where the person ID detection seems to be swapping intermittently. This inconsistency in person identification is causing disruptions in our monitoring system.
Please tell me the possible solution.

Hi @debanik123,

Can you provide more details on when the ID swapping happens? For example, are the persons occluded, are there many people in the scene, etc?

If possible, please share an SVO file showing the issue at, so that we can investigate the problem further.

Hi team,
Thanks for your quick response. Today, I just solved the problem by increasing the preson tracking confidence score.

Thanks and Regards
Debanik Roy

Hi Stereolabs,
Can you please tell me why the API reference web page is not working?

Thanks & Regards
Debanik Roy

Hi @debanik123,

We apologize for the inconvenience, we are currently migrating our website, which is why the API doc is currently down.

Our team is working on this and the doc should be back up soon.

Thanks for your quick response. Can you please share an API reference documents for ZED sdk?

Thanks and Regards
Debanik Roy

The ZED SDK API is available with your installation locally on your machine:

  • On Linux, it is located at /usr/local/zed/doc/API
  • On Windows, it is located at c:\Program files (x86)\ZED SDK\doc\API

You can open the file hmtl/index.html with your favorite browser to navigate through the doc.