Issue using ZedZDK on Jetson platform


I am supporting our client for using following platform

  1. Hardware : Aetina AN810 (NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Carrier board)
    Jetson Xavier NX Carrier Board - AN810 | NVIDIA Embedded Platform | Edge AI Computing Platform || Aetina Corporation
  2. Jetpack 4.6.1
  3. ZED SDK3.82 :

Based on our understanding the ZED SDK3.82 should be compatible with Jetpack 4.61, but after installing the ZETSDK, the optimization could not be done due to segmentation fault.

We need your support for this issue. Please let me know which Jetpack should be used for ZED SDK3.82? Or which SDK version should we use?


Hi @andysurya76
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Can you try to install the latest ZED SDK v4.0.5?

Hi @Myzhar ,

Thanks for your reply.

Can ZED SDK v4.0.5 works on Jetpack 4.6.1?


Hi Andy,
sure it can. There is a download link for that because it can work with JP 4.6.x.

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