Is this fake? HTC vive + ZED mini

There was a TV show on Belgian TV about 5G, and how it’s different from 4G.
A demo was shown with a VR headset + what seems to be a ZED Mini to demonstrate the effect of latency.
#weetikveel - Aflevering 10 (Seizoen 1) | VRT NU the relevant part starts at around 3:30 minutes until about 6 minutes.
2 tests were done, one with 4g latency of 30 ms and a second one with 5g latency of 3 ms.
I think it’s an interesting test and would be interested in recreating it, but i have a sneaking suspicion that it’s fake, or at least that the claimed latencies are incorrect.
I’ve read the blog post on the stereolabs comparing the ZED Mini with the stereo camera on the HTC Vive pro, there the latency on the ZED is 60ms while on the HTC camera 200ms.

Were they working with values in the range of 200 ms & 60 ms here? Probably they figured who will be able to tell what the actual latency is so lets go for it…