Is there an easy way to correctly combine images from the right and left cameras?

Hello, in the autonomous vehicle club at our school, we are working on line tracking and lane tracking with the data coming from the ZED2I camera. In the code, arrangements were made as if there was a camera in the center of the vehicle. When we take images from the right or left from ZED, the rotation of the vehicle is distorted. We thought of quickly shifting the camera image, but as an alternative solution, is there an easy way to reliably combine the camera images? for testing purposes ı useed

    imageStitcher = cv2.createStitcher()


But the images do not merge reliably, there are shifts


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You can retrieve both images in one sl::Mat using the sl.VIEW.SIDE_BY_SIDE parameter as follows:

zed.retrieveImage(image, sl.VIEW.SIDE_BY_SIDE)