Is there a maximum number of bodies that can be tracked reliably for the ZED Box?

Hello, we will be using two Zeds with the ZED Boxes to track a large group of people. I wanted to know if anyone has done any testing or has info on how the ZED Box (The TX2-NX and the Xavier-NX) perform with around 30 people in one space. Is there a known limit, or noticeable performance decrease once you reach a certain number of people?

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For applications using the Object detection module, I would recommend using the Xavier-NX one as it is the one with the most computational power.

There is no hard limitation regarding the maximum number of people that can be tracked in the scene. However, more people will need more computational power (especially for tracking).
But It also greatly depends on the detection model you are using, the resolution, the depth mode, etc…

If your goal is to track the person’s position in the scene (nothing else, no skeleton tracking), I would recommend using the PERSON_HEAD detection model, which is made especially for people counting/ tracking in crowds.

I should also add that you can only use one camera per ZED Box as there are not powerful enough to run 2 ZED SDK at the same time.

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