Is it possible to use ZED mini, with all-in-one heasets

The introduction video ZED mini shows what I need exactly, except for the headset:

I need the image (the front-facing one) can be captured from sdk.

I need the latency to be low enough to interact with outside.

I need at the end, an vr game can be played with see through camera.

But everywhere in docs shows ZED mini need to be used with a seperate PC.

So my question is, can I do the same thing with an all-in-one headset (without a PC) such as quest pro.



The ZED Mini camera requires a computer with the ZED SDK installed on it to process the images, depth, etc… that has a Nvidia GPU (because we are using CUDA for optimization purposes).
That means, you can not directly plug the camera to the VR headset. The Camera has to be connected to a computer.