Is it possible to use my own pawn?

When I use object tracking then I get a ZEDPawn with a camera. But I don’t want to use this pawn/camera. So isn’t it possible to use my own pawn with my own camera, because I need a complete different camera position that shows my unreal scene.
What is the right way to achive this?


By default, the main camera in UE will follow the movement of the real ZED camera.

To use another camera as the main cam, please follow this guide :
All you have to do is add a “BP_Virtual_Camera” in the scene. This will automatically be set as the main cam in the scene, so you can move it around.

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Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

for the camera you can use Bp_Virtual_Camera or simply add a sequence with the camera in your desired location. then make sure the autoplay for that seq is checked and also pause at end, but…your pawn generated by the Bp_livelink_manager will always be at 0, 0, 0. I’m using livelink since the plugin version is working only in dx11 so it’s unusable for me. if you want your pawns to spawn at your desired location you need to open the BP_livelink_manager and expose and make instance editable the Init_pos variable. It will be cool in the future if you just can palce a dummy somewhere in the scene where you want your pawns to be generated, with a direction arrow or something…cheers