Is it possible to attach a first person camera onto my body tracking mannequin?

Is it possible to access runtime body tracking data via blueprint? Or to add a follow camera (third person character) attach to the body tracking character!”?
I want to create a scenario whereas my first person view is based on the body tracking mannequin’s head movements.follow camera (bp_virtual cam) is attached to my body tracking character mesh, parent sockets: head, like in the third person character’s setting.

Do I need to access to the body tracking data?
For example, I guess either put a follow camera under the hierarchy of the character mash and set parent socket to head, or update camera’s position and rotation by calculating the cross product vector between the nose to left eye/ nose to right eye vector. Or getting average position and orientation between two eyes position, and some other 3D key points data like local orientation and position based on head position.


You can look at the BP_BodyTracking_Visualizer actor in the body tracking level. This blueprint retrieves the body tracking data, creates new avatars is necessary and updates the skeleton data of each avatar.
I think it’s a good starting point for you as you can easily get the head position/ rotation from there.


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