IR Filter Removal?

I’d like to use these cameras indoors only with dim lighting. It would be great if I could remove the IR filters (which don’t have much use except in sunlight I imagine?) and use IR floods to give the cameras plenty of light. Is it possible to order some cameras with the IR filters removed, or to remove them myself (voiding any warranty is not a concern).

IR light does not come only from the Sun, but it’s present in every standard light source.
If you remove IR filters you get reddish images barely useful to retrieve color information.

IR filter removal is not an easy operation, you must open the camera and unmount the optics, so you will invalidate not only the warranty but also the factory calibration of the camera.

We can provide you with the ZED2i without the IR filter units but it’s a custom process and we have to allocate additional engineering resources to manufacture and calibrate it. The MOQ for this custom order is 30 units.
If you are ready to place an order of 30 ZED 2i without IR filters, let us know ( so we can provide you with the link for the purchase.