Invalid svo file error

Hi, i get an INVALID SVO FILE error. i recorder the video in zed2 camera.
how can i solve this?

Hi @sureya
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How did you record the SVO?
How long is it?
Can you get SVO info by using the ZED_SVO_Editor tool?

Hi @Myzhar
i recorded using zed2 camera. the video was about 50 seconds in 1080p . the recorded file gets stored in my documents in c directory as .svo (H264 lossy Based Compression).
i dont know how to get the SVO info using ZED_SVO_Editor tool?? but i figured where that is and when i try to type something in the editor, the tab automatically closes.

OK, but how did you record the SVO?
Did you use ZED Explorer?
Did you use a Python script?
Did you write a C++ application?
Did you follow an example?

yes i used zed explorer to record the video

Start the ZED SVO Editor Tool from a command line console, it provides the information to try to repair the SVO.
If this does not work please send the file to so we can check it.