Installation of ZED HUB on orin with Zed X

I am trying to connect the zed X camera to zed HUB.
but during installation of edge agent I always get the same error:

Edge Agent 0.72.3 installer for gpx
Analysing operating system and platform
Unsuported platform : L4T R35.3
Downloading installer for Ubuntu 20
/tmp/ 100%[============================================================================================================================
Installing certificate
Running Edge Agent installer
Verifying archive integrity… 100% MD5 checksums are OK. All good.
Uncompressing ‘ZED IoT 0.72.3 SDK by Stereolabs’ 100%
/tmp/ line 701: ./installRelease: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

is the problem caused by the L4T R35.3 or what could be wrong?


Sorry, we did not release a version compatible with l4t35.3 yet. We’ll do it shortly.

Any update when the update for the edge agent will be available for L4T R35.3?

Good news, the update is available for L4T R35.3 as we speak. Version 0.73.0 to be exact at time of writing.