Install the ZED SDK and ROS-wrapper in Conda

Hi there!

We’re very enthusiastic users of the Conda package manager and would love to be able to install the ZED SDK and ROS drivers through there. Do you know if there already has been an effort to create Conda recipes for your software, and if not, would you have a problem with me having a go at it?

From what I see, the SDK itself is mainly a set of binaries and an install script to put them in the right places and install the right dependencies, and I think it shouldn’t be too hard to create a Conda recipe. Then the ROS wrappers could be added to the RoboStack distribution (we’re in touch with the maintainers).

Curious to know what you think! Cheers!


Thank you for your interest. To our knowledge, there’s no ongoing project about conda support, feel free to experiment. I think the main pain point will be CUDA libraries, one solution would be to use the same strategy as Pytorch that installs its own version of CUDA and CUDNN. I don’t know exactly the repercussion of this choice, besides huge files to upload/store for each version, and maybe also path issues. I don’t have experience creating conda packages.

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Thanks for your quick reply! CUDA / CUDNN can indeed be a bit tricky when creating Conda packages, and we may indeed have to create separate versions, but I think it should be possible. I’ll report back here if we’ve got something working!

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