Install of the ZED SDK 4.1

Hello, I have a problem of installing ZED SDK 4.1 (I am using ZED 2i).

In ZED sdk 3.6 version, I was using tools like Depth viewer well.

I changed to the ZED sdk 4.1 and got svo2 through ZED explorer, but when I tried to run depth viewer, it didn’t work. (I got an error about could not find procedure entry point DLL).

I checked Diagnsitic and got the following results.

I was wondering how to get SDK 4.1 to work.(I aleardy down SDK 4.1 and check the cuda version)

And is there any way to change the svo2 format to svo format?

Thank you

Hi @LeeHyokBeen
please run ZED Diagnostic and send the report file it generates to

Dear stereolabs

I hope this message finds you well.

Thank you for your prompt response.

I have attached the diagnostic results JSON file.

Best regards,
Hyokbeen Lee

2024년 5월 10일 (금) 오후 4:44, Walter Lucetti (Stereolabs) <>님이 작성:

Hi LeeHyokBeen,
Thank you for reaching out to us.

According to the information of the diagnostic report you did not install the new SDK, but you are using an old v4.0.5.

Please uninstall all the installed versions, and download the latest v4.1.1 for CUDA 11, and retry.

Best regards,


Walter Lucetti
Senior Computer Engineer
SDK / Robotics / HW
Stereolabs Support